Diversity Within The Lgbtq Community Essay

Diversity Within The Lgbtq Community Essay

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Diversity within the LGBTQ community
In the last few years the LGBTQ community has received a ton of attention from the media and society. The court ruling this past June, approving same-sex marriage, has made incredible progress in accepting this community. Though the progress, there are many groups left out of this new found acceptance. These groups include people that are bisexual, transgender, intersex, and genderqueer. When society doesn’t understand something they reject it. Many people don’t understand that they are people too with emotions and just as much of an opinion as they have. In Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue”, she mentions that while she was giving a lecture it was awkward for her because her mother was in the audience, listening to her speak proper english (Tan 542). I feel this situation is very similar to the way it feels to be apart of the LGBTQ community. People have to change who they are to be accepted by society and the people they love. Within the United States there has been outstanding progress in accepting and understanding the LGBTQ community, and it has become a topic of conversation more and more.
First thing’s first, no it’s not just a phase. Being bisexual is commonly misconceived as a way to sleep with whoever they want because they’re confused. Bisexualality is an actual sexual orientation, where someone likes both men and women. When thinking about sexual orientation it 's either straight or gay, there is no inbetween. “Many people, gay, straight, and otherwise, commonly misinterpret bisexuality as indecision, a phase, or a denial of one’s ‘actual’ homosexuality or heterosexuality. Such interpretation undermines the experiences, feelings, relationships, and the identity of bisexual people. Fluidit...

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...chool that has teenagers from all walks of life. Lauren is an intersex female that hates the fact she is intersex but everyone around loves her the way she is. This an ideal situation because normally there would be harassment and teasing 24/7.
In the LGBTQ community there has been a lot of progress, there are still many groups left out. In Peter Salins “Assimilation, American Style” he mentions when someone goes to another country they have to lose their culture to fit in and be accepted by this new society. It’s called “up or out” which means to either be like the ones around you or expect to be left out. People in the LGBTQ family follow this “up or out” thought process because it really is a fake it until you make it situation. They can’t just wake up and say I’m going to be who I want to be today. They have to hide it to fit in with the rest of society’s wishes.

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