Diversity Within The Classroom : Lgbt Students Essay

Diversity Within The Classroom : Lgbt Students Essay

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Diversity in the Classroom: LGBT Students
Some of the most looked at forms of classroom diversity include race, however, more recently another form of diversity seems to be taking center stage. The LGBT movement has been around for a long time but has just recently become a major news topic. Teachers are put in classrooms to be a guide for students and because of that they must understand their students to the best of their abilities. This topic of LGBT has become taboo and hard to discuss, therefore teachers may not fully understand how to deal with students from this culture. Like any other type of diversity this one too must be met with a level head and understanding that as a teacher you are there for your students. This paper will look at the history, culture and how students from this culture behave in the classroom.
History. The LGBT Movement itself has been defined as “a social movement for civil rights and social equality for those of minority sexual orientation and gender identity.” (Anderson & Herr, 2007). Also like many other movements it has a rich history that extents further back in history then many may think. The first time this movement showed up was during the French Revolution. During this time groups gathered in order to have gay relationships decriminalized. Even though they pursued their freedom, and found success, they were met with opposition in the form of “decency” laws, which are against any type of public indecency, and this would continue for years to come. This community saw their relationships just like heterosexual couples did but in the eyes of the rest of the world they were criminals.
Other movements did occur until around the end of the 19th century where a few brave people stoo...

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...the terms it is important to understand sexism and heterosexism. Both of these terms are similar with one being more specific in nature. Sexism is an overall term used to describe the unfair treatment based on gender. Whereas Heterosexism is “differential treatment based on sexual orientation that privileges heterosexuals over other sexual orientations” (Krane, 2004). Both of these terms describe a social prejudice that has been the norm for decades now, whether it be in the work force, in public or even in the school systems. Understanding these terms will help in dealing with those it effects, LGBT community members, and potentially prevent from that type of unfair treatment in any of the previously mentioned places.
All of the previous terms mentioned are important for teachers to understand to have a better grasp on the reality LGBT students are living.

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