Essay on The Diversity Of The Entertainment Industry

Essay on The Diversity Of The Entertainment Industry

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The subject of diversity in the entertainment industry has dominated conversations, especially following last year’s Oscar controversy that promoted celebrities to boycott the event in protest of the low number of people of color nominated for awards.

This hot topic resurfaced at the 69th annual Emmy Awards, where host Jimmy Kimmel repeatedly emphasized how the nomination ballot this year was the most diverse ever.

“The Emmys are so diverse this year that the Oscars are telling people we are their closest friends,” joked Kimmel during his opening monologue.

Remarks of famed director Tim Burton related to equal representation in the film industry stirred controversy earlier this month in an interview with Bustle promoting Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. An adaptation of the 2011 novel penned by Ransom Riggs, Burton’s latest film includes a nearly all white cast with the exception of the villain character essayed by Samuel L. Jackson. During his interview, Burton expressed his opinions relating to the diversity problem in Hollywood.

“Nowadays, people are talking about it more,” said Burton. “Things either call for it, or they didn’t.”

While the filmmaker’s statements convey a sense of indifference toward diversity and are the source of the public’s uproar, they foster a dialogue about the responsibility of a filmmaker in maintaining diversity in Hollywood.

The primary responsibility of all filmmakers and directors, alike, is to bring a story that had only existed previously in the imaginative minds of writers to life with the help of skilled crewmembers and experienced actors. Although the storyline of a film is untouchable, filmmakers play a pivotal role in casting the actors and actresses that will bring life ...

... middle of paper ...

... the dissension surrounding an all white cast, a film does not lose its value for not having people of color. But when it comes to fostering a supportive and inclusive culture, having actors of color is essential. Films, as well as other different types of mediums, directly impact how the rest of society acts and by showcasing the talents of actors of color, filmmakers would steer away from just promoting the built-up concept of diversity. Instead, filmmakers would be leading the movement against stereotypes, which is significantly more important than meeting societal standards and winning audience approval.

At the end of the day, Burton’s opinion is just an opinion after all. As a leading figure in the entertainment industry, his words do carry some weight and encourages society to address an issue that is often swept aside as long as it doesn’t cause controversy.

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