The Diversity Of The Community Essay

The Diversity Of The Community Essay

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Jersey City, NJ is one of the most diverse cities in America and the world. Being raised there I was always used to cultural diversity and always figured that no matter what University I went to, I wouldn’t find myself completely blown away by its diverse community. This all changed when I came to Rutgers University.
At Rutgers the diversity of the community goes beyond cultural diversity but stems into socio-economic, perceptual, and geographical. Experiencing these forms of diversity was sensational. In my Jersey City, I knew of the various economic classes that existed but hadn’t seen much diversity in relation to these classes since I attended public schools with a majority of the middle class and lower class resides. Arriving at Rutgers University, I found some friends who were always able to afford the things they wanted and I also found friends who studied day and night to earn a scholarship and come to college. This opened my eyes to how privileged I was and how I had taken for grants all the privileges I had been given. The diverse socio-economic community at Rutgers Unive...

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