Diversity of Species Found in Tropical Rainforests and Temperate Forests

Diversity of Species Found in Tropical Rainforests and Temperate Forests

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While looking at tropical rainforests and temperate forests, one will notice a wide diversity of: species, location and values. Tropical rain forests are located along equatorial regions of the globe, while temperate forests tend to shy away from the planets waistline and reside in areas north and south of the equator. Temperature and rainfall has a profound effect on the control of temperate and tropical rainforests.
Diversity of species is influenced by the type of forest where the species is located. To determine the value of a forest, one must ask oneself the question “How does a forest affect you?” Forests affect us in ways of aesthetics, monetary gains, product supplement and any other utilization that proves beneficial. This is true of both tropical and temperate forests.
Tropical rain forests
Tropical rain forests or evergreen rain forests are located predominantly around the equator. They are found in very humid lowland climates such as the western areas of the Amazon, the western side of Africa that is centralized at the equator and most of Indo-Malaysia. Evergreen rain forests are found in just about every area that does not exhibit an annual dry season. The trees found in the evergreen rain forest do not shed their leaves seasonally due to many factors acting together: fairly consistent temperatures, amounts of needed rainfall and soil composition. Evergreen rain forests are the plushest of all plant communities. They are found in an area containing fast growing canopy tree tops that exceed forty-five meters tall. Tropical rain forests have a rich peat soil high in oxisols, untrisols and have no calcium deposits in the soil.
Tropical rain forests are being converted to agricultural land. This ...

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...fall, flooding and water quality. Forests have the ability to store carbon that offsets excessive climate change. Excessive climate change is a direct result of the global population releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.

Tropical rain forests and temperate forests are two different types of forests. They differ in density, diversity of species, regions, altitudes and their usefulness to humans. This usefulness is referred to as values. The values obtained from forests are aesthetics, scientific and educational purposes. In addition forests have the ability to absorb and store carbon dioxide released into the air from man’s endeavours. This CO2 contributes to the sudden increase in global warming. The total value of a forest ecosystem is the combined value of each individual species living within that habitat.

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