Essay about The Diversity Of Race And Ethnic Roles

Essay about The Diversity Of Race And Ethnic Roles

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In popular culture today there is a broader array of shows, music, and entertainment that address various social issues. Gender, Sexual, and Race issues have been gaining more attention in recent years thanks to the efforts of many great activists and organizations. Television most prominently has become more open to change and we are starting to see a shift to a more progressive and accepting audience. We can now find characters that are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender throughout our favorite primetime shows. The diversity of race and ethnic roles has continued to grow and make an impact in our society. One of the most prominently diverse shows available today is Orange is the New Black, a Netflix original show that shows the reality of race, sexual, and gender issues in our society while promoting equality.
Jennifer Newsom, director of the Miss Representation film and creator of the Representation project said back in 2011, “While women continue to make great strides forward, it’s utterly backward that the number of female characters on television has dropped. Until broadcast networks wake up and realize the importance of portraying an increased and diverse number of women on-camera, we’re going to continue to see women underrepresented and marginalized in Hollywood and our broader culture.” (GLAAD). While Newsom was correct when she made this comment, she could not have predicted the upcoming show that would change the outlook on women through media. Netflix released an original show called Orange is the New Black in the summer of 2012. The show depicts women in the prison system from all social classes, races, and sexual preferences.
Skeptics soon realized that it “…begun to live up to the promise of its superb ...

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In media today, we are starting to become more open to the differences among people and not focusing on the normal or stereotypical preferences. We can clearly see the issues of race, gender, and sexual preference in the hit Netflix show Orange is the New Black. While many may not be comfortable at first with the lesbian, transgender, and sexual components of the show; they will be converted once they fall in love with the characters whom warm your heat. They may be criminals but you can’t help to become invested with their stories and hardships. After watching a few episodes you begin to become unfazed by the lesbian couples and instead see them as two people who love each other. With the growing popularity of Orange is the New Black; I hope we begin to see a change in our country’s outlook on true equality for race, gender, and sexual preference.

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