Diversity of Enthnicities in Gender and Races in Sports throughout America

Diversity of Enthnicities in Gender and Races in Sports throughout America

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While reviewing America’s history, many critical events are overlooked, yet led us to where we are today. From slavery, to women being allowed to vote, slowly equality for all has been pushed by our culture. In the more recent years, this includes sports too. Although officially the color barrier was broken in 1947, African-Americans along with other ethnicities have been hesitant to join what have been predominantly seen as white sports. From baseball to basketball, and even to football, diversity has lacked as a glance into the history of sports is seen. Not only is this diversity of ethnicities, but this has also included gender too. Over the last twenty years an emphasis on cultural diversity has effected American pastimes like sports, as a change in ethnicities and background of players has significantly pushed for equality of all genders and races.
Mainly seen in this change is the sport of basketball, having a large male Jewish population becoming the foundation, transitioning into an African-American dominated sport. Today though, not only do scouts look at American colleges, but the focus of NBA teams has changed from American talent to recruiting overseas. This includes scouts at the Israeli Maccabee team, Olympics, or the push for teams to play in China and Europe every preseason. Viewing all these NBA stars in the Olympics playing for teams other than USA shows how multiple players migrate to the United States for the reason of success alone and the great opportunities available. This was only allowed by the push for cultural diversity. Although a great transition, comedians mock the lack of dominance of white players in basketball. Daniel Tosh one said in his standup comedy performance, “White players sho...

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...can life together. Asserting our dominance, this diversity has spread towards many other countries with the hopes of gaining better talent. Although it is now very easy to accept diversity, many shameful events had to occur to reach the point in America today of our diversity.

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