Diversity of Christian Culture In India Essay

Diversity of Christian Culture In India Essay

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Finding common ground with Hindu culture and practices Christianity in Southern India tried to influence Indians to convert, which broken up with a Christian form vastly different from traditional Christian practices in Southern India. Christianity opened Indian door in 1813, when the abolition of the East Indian Company’s monopoly over Indian trade allowed the entry of commercial and religious trade. India was named as Hindustan, nation of Hinduism long way before during 18the century. Thus, when Christianity began to spread its roots into West India in the early 19th century, they were having minimum chances to spread Christianity widely due to the deep rooted believes and customs of Hinduism. The basic concepts of Christianity: monotheism and equality was not acceptable for Hindu people. Christian missionaries faced challenges in interacting with Hindu common people in India. Hence, they took a new version of Christianity. In an effort to spread Christianity in Southern India European missionaries adapted Christianity by including various Hindu practices and customs persuading many Indians to convert. This form of Christianity is vastly different than more traditional Christian practices.
Customs and traditions play a major role in reflecting religion and culture. Indian majority been populated by Hinduism, the customs and traditions is mainly based on Hindu practices. Hindu religion followed polytheistic believes and worshiped humanism and animism. During the past centuries Hindu people followed hierarchical system. Brahmins were the higher caste and most powerful people and untouchables were considered the lower caste people. Inequality was so powerful in India. Hindu people worshiped thousands of gods relating each God to ...

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...ared with Christianity all over the world in India. This information makes clear the idea that how Christianity spread its root to India and ends up with a Christian community of diverse rituals and ceremonies holding the same believes in India comparing to other Christian nation around the world.

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