The Diversity Of Aboriginal Peoples Essay

The Diversity Of Aboriginal Peoples Essay

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A goal to raise awareness and support, for the Indigenous Peoples, with family, friends and the wider community with the knowledge gained through lectures, tutorials, readings and visuals in studying Aboriginal Peoples and in addition, through research and personal engagement with a member of the Indigenous community. It is important personally, to share a positive collective history and reiterating the past and present struggles of the indigenous peoples, in a hope to influence and encourage a supportive, positive change in their lives. To further campaign the importance for mutual respect and trust between non-indigenous and indigenous peoples. In unity we must move forward and support their right for self-determination by acknowledging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands as the traditional owners and custodians of this land, the shared history of Australia and the importance of culture, identity and the significances of country. Furthermore, support a change in the Australian Constitution to amend the unjust and create equality for all.
Firstly, my journey in respect of the Aboriginal peoples, I will research and visit Moore River Aboriginal mission, to experience a spiritual sense of country and to gain insight into the historical past. On enquiry, Moore River is unfortunately not set-up to accept the public, as it is rundown and unsafe. Furthermore, no private guides or personnel are available to escort visitors on the mission. On further investigation, fortunately Roelands Village, formally Roelands Native Mission, accepts visitors upon appointment. Secondly, I will organise a family meeting and discuss and clarify what my family understands about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, furthermore, sha...

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...ility to grow and move forward. Our fore father were hunter gathers, however we all evolved.
Finally, as a Recognise supporter, I will promote and support a change to the Australian Constitution. An important step in reconciliation, by recognising Australia’s first peoples, the unique history and culture and the importance of equality and elimination of discrimination (Recognise, 2015).
The outcomes to my actions, in my journey to reconciliation, were very surprising. The journey to Roelands was very informative and Les Wallam was very generous in sharing his stories. My family were well informed and had a good knowledge on a selection of Aboriginal topics and had strong positive views. In addition, the discussions and knowledge I contributed were beneficial in promoting a wider understanding on how we as a family can help and support Indigenous Australians.

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