The Diversity Of A Student 's Journey Of Higher Education Essay

The Diversity Of A Student 's Journey Of Higher Education Essay

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Our country isn 't only a melting pot in the sense that it 's diverse, but as well as a student 's diversity on the issues they face. It 's tremendously important that we take more notice on these issues; since they do make or break a student 's journey of higher education. Mrs. Small 's never gave up on teaching, and especially not on her students. Every single person in this world the potential to do and be somebody. When Smalls noticed everything was off and strange she had to find an explanation to why. Giving up on her students and her teachings wasn 't an option. She discovered a whole new world when going to college and she saw some of the reasons, to the conflicts she came across as a professor. Universities need to take a more proactive approach to acknowledging diversity. For example; the many issues like stress, debt, and learning to balance their social life and academic life. Revolutionizing and being empathetic and concerned is a start to helping evolve the direction not only of education but as well as how it 's being perceived.

Mrs. Small explains her journey on being a 21st-century student, and encountering many obstacles along the way. Not only does she experience an inside look into a student 's life, but becomes more connected to her teaching. While noticing that there is a lot of work that can be done to transform and make an educational system work all around. It 's that she wants a different attitude towards education not only from her students but as well as the main educators our professors.
For instance, our education has evolved it 's a new type of "culture" students seem to be more involved in technology and above and beyond isn 't there focus anymore when it comes to their grades. F...

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... and our students should be prepared for grade school for what awaits them. It 's critical that students find a right balance between education, and their social life to name a few of the issues. Smalls is speaking up for all students, and professors being put in a situation where they are seeing their students are not putting the effort they should.
Overall, student 's today face many obstacles many people don 't know about; education has changed drastically over the years. As technology has indeed become a major factor in our student 's life, it has also changed their education. Students aren 't as involved in their learning and struggle on an everyday basis on overcoming these obstacles. Together as an educational system, we can make this less difficult for our students and professor by working together and making the experience of education extraordinary.

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