The Diversity Of A Graduating Class Essay

The Diversity Of A Graduating Class Essay

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The Diversity of a Graduating Class
Graduating from high school is a major milestone for teenagers. The prospect of going off to college and beginning to live away from one’s parents brings excitement from the unknown. One cannot truly be one hundred percent prepared for this endeavor; however, everyone has a plan that they think will best suit his or her ambitions and goals.
You will find that not everyone has the same expectations when it comes to what to do after high school. Some people will indeed go off to college, and others will enter directly in to the workforce. There will be the ones that decide to stay at home and relax for a few years and also the undecided ones. No matter how the people intend to go about the next few years of their lives; graduation day from high school is a common ground.
During the graduation ceremony I attended back in 2012 for my own class, there were many different types of people. My class, like nearly every other one in the country, was full of a wide range of different personalities. There were the athletes, the popular girls, musicians, readers, odd balls, and people who had chosen to go down a path of self-destruction from an early age.
The athletes were the excitement of the ceremony. They decided that in order to make our graduation less dull and boring, they were going to give everyone silly string to set off after we moved our tassels. A few of the football and basketball players got together before the ceremony started and placed one can of silly string under each individual chair in the main block of chairs where the majority of the student body was to sit. They went out of their own pockets to supply the foam-filled cans just to make things a little more enjoyable for the masses.

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...nes who had chosen to indulge in illegal activities were only there accompanied by their probation officers, and there was extra security in the building to keep an eye on them. They did not want to be there, and if it was not for their probation officers, they most likely would not have even bothered to show up. Although no one tried to do anything crazy, the normal pranks were set up through their friends. I was just happy that no one set off the fire alarm to make the ceremony last a lot longer than it needed to.
No matter what the size of your graduating class, you most likely had a similar group of individuals attend. Most high schools have the cliques that form and groups of friends that like to hang out with each other. Having been to other graduation ceremonies I can say that this is nearly always true as the same scenarios seem to play out at every ceremony.

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