Diversity Literature Review : Teaching Children Reading Skills Essay

Diversity Literature Review : Teaching Children Reading Skills Essay

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Diversity Literature Review
Teaching children reading skills in a diverse setting is very important. Many teachers have not learned the necessary methods for teaching culturally diverse students. The following articles include reasons why it is important to learn how to teach students in a multicultural setting, and ways that teachers can accomplish this.
"Multimedia Shared Stories," was written by Christopher J. Rivera in 2013. Rivera tells the story of a girl named Alba, a Mexican-American kindergarten student. Alba was struggling in school because she came from a culture that spoke mainly Spanish. Her culture was not being brought up in the classroom, which her teacher felt was causing her to have problems keeping up with the other students. Rivera explains what Multimedia Shared Stories are, and how teachers can use them to help diverse learners. There are practical applications of how teachers can use them in the classroom.
Rivera (2013) pointed out that children who have language impairments are significantly behind those who do not. Their needs are different than the typical student. Multimedia shared stories are interactive tools that can be easily customized. Many children who have English as their second language feel that the things that are learning about do not relate to them. It is important to try to make the lessons as relevant to their lives as possible. If the lesson includes images and text that they are familiar with in their culture, they will be more likely to want to learn from that lesson. Creating an MSS can help the lesson become more relatable and appealing to the students (Rivera, 2013). There are many good strategies for using MSS to help students. They will find that they are better able to un...

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...e of the most important parts of culturally responsive teaching. The students need to know that they are being respected and that they are in a safe learning environment. They need to be able to feel some sort of personal connection to the stories.
Being a teacher in today 's culture takes a more personal approach than it has in the past. It is necessary for teachers to identify each students ' needs and do their best to meet those needs. There are many different strategies and options to do this. The use of Multimedia Shared stories allows for a very personal, hands-on approach to teaching diverse students. The research found in "The Effects of Integrated Reading Comprehension Strategy" shows that there are many different ways to incorporate methods for teaching diverse learners. It is up to the teacher to decide what is best for each individual student.

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