Diversity Is Part Of The American Lifestyle Essay

Diversity Is Part Of The American Lifestyle Essay

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Diversity is part of the American lifestyle. America is a country built on capitalistic principles, where a countries’ economy is controlled by a small number of people. People who tend to have power in the society tend to separate themselves from the rest. Looking back at different time period of American history diversity has shaped up the lives we live as Americans, whether it is because of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, socioeconomic background, and capabilities/ disabilities, there is always diversity in society. Although, diversity is increasingly being viewed positively, and as much as people are proud of their differences. There will always be a way for human beings to diversify themselves into groups in which share similar interests.
The video (People like Us: Social Class in America) shows a better example of socioeconomic diversity as seen in the first segment of the video when a journalist takes the viewer to different socioeconomic classes, and explain what they are consuming. The meaning of the title Bud or Bordeaux is the choices people make, and how it reveals the class, a person belongs to. Moreover, “Bud Weiser is a cheaper bear compared to expensive wines. It is drank by a lot of Americans and some people consider it for red necks. Bordeaux is a name for white or red wines that were made around the city of Bordeaux, France. Those wines are extremely expensive and quite tasteful. People who drink this wine consider themselves classy and eloquent”. (Bogdan B, n.d.)
I believe that choices in life show our classes, People in society are generally raised in different upbringings, the childhood we have, and the moral we grew up on, shape the person we are as an adult. If a person is born in a lower cl...

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...e showcases this here. From Asia to Europe to Africa to Latin America, some 128 articles trace each nationality’s broad history and important contributions to the American way of life. Diversity in America not only presents a host of intimate snapshots of culture and heritage, but documents the struggles of nationalities to integrate into the “melting pot” society of America, and highlights the strength and integrity of various cultural leaders and thinkers. Without its rich mixture of religions, races, and cultures, America would not be the nation that it is today. Founded upon the basis of equality and freedom for all, America acts as a stage where intensely different cultures not only coexist peacefully, but also thrive symbiotically and create a nation. The World & I Online recognizes this and celebrates it in its collection Diversity in America.”

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