Diversity in the NBA Essay

Diversity in the NBA Essay

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Diversity in the NBA
Since the beginning of the National Basketball Association’s history, the number of foreign players has increased exponentially. As a matter of fact, a record ninety-two foreign players from 39 different countries and territories were active on NBA rosters at the beginning of the current season (NBA Tips Off 2013-14 Season with Record International Player Presence”). In today’s game, foreign and international players have become a common site and are fundamental parts of many NBA teams. Ever since Italian-born, Canada raised Henry Biasatti stepped foot on a National Basketball Association court, international talent has become an important part of a, now global, NBA. International players such as Hakeem Olajuwon, Tim Duncan, and Dirk Nowitzki have contributed to the league with All-Star selections, Most Valuable Player awards, and even Most Valuable Player of the NBA Finals. There’s no doubt, international talent has turned the NBA into a diverse, ultra-competitive professional sports league.
Several foreign basketball players have individually left their marks on NBA courts, in NBA record books, and in their fans’ hearts. Different ethnic groups, races, and sports fans in general have united, cheering on heroic efforts from players from overseas. These international players amped up the level of competition in basketball and found themselves at home in the NBA. Four international players have been honored with the most prestigious award a player can receive in professional basketball, NBA MVP. These same four players are undoubtedly future Hall of Famers and were listed in the top 30 international players of all time in a 2013 “Dime Magazine” article (Daruaku). These four players, Steve Nash, Tim Duncan,...

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...raft continues to bring more foreign players into the league “with a record setting 12 foreign-born first-round picks” in the 2013 NBA Draft (Florida). The new youth of foreign players added by the draft ensures that the NBA will remain a diverse league for a while. As international NBA stars continue to become more popular and common in the league, the NBA will experience new incredible talent and global sensations. These players and their impressive contributions to the overall NBA and its teams will make the league prosperous with their fiery competitiveness. Future Most Valuable Players and National Basketball Associational All Stars from different countries will emerge in professional basketball. The competition in the league seems like it is here to stay with a blend of different cultures all joining together and challenging each other on the court.

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