Diversity in American Colleges and Universities Essay

Diversity in American Colleges and Universities Essay

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Diversity is a must have when it comes to colleges and universities. Diversity is what separates the good universities from the great universities. Universities that have diversity help out their students more than anyone could imagine. It help students get ready to open up and understand one another on a more personal level. Some students grow up in segregated towns where there is not much diversity, but with the help of diversity from colleges, students will learn to learn and accept one another. It would be fresh new start for all of the students to learn about each other and their similarities and differences. The information college students could learn from someone that is from another culture is a great prize and will be remembered for the rest of their lives. “Diversity will further strengthen the United States as new minds with new views are added to the society. This is true of the country’s universities and colleges, as well”(Milligan).
Diversity in a university is so important. First of all “diversity enriches the educational experience”. Students are able to learn from one another’s experiences. Also diversity helps maturity through most students. With diversity, students are able to learn about the other people’s experiences and are able to break down the stereotypical “walls” that our country has built. While students are breaking down these stereotypical “walls”, students will be able to effectively communicate with others of various backgrounds. As students learn about each other’s hardships or success, they will be capable of reaching a state of mutual respect for one another(On the Importance). “The higher education community stands committed to furthering the goals of equal opportunity and diversity on college...

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