Diversity Equals Adversity By John Taylor Gatto Essay

Diversity Equals Adversity By John Taylor Gatto Essay

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Diversity Equals Adversity
Rather than creating a world filled with the most creative and independent thinkers, the crippling educational system that has been implemented by society over the years focuses on filling a countless number of overcrowded institutions that produce ‘mindless consumers and employees’. According to an article written by a former New York City Teacher of the Year, John Taylor Gatto, wrote Against School, explaining the flaws in a modern ‘compulsory’ school system have dramatic effects on the student body and faculty. The decreased salaries and mindless lesson plans are said to be the result of the constant passing blame between teacher and student. Within his article the author states that as a society “We suppress our genius only because we haven’t yet figured out how to manage a population of educated men and women.”(Gatto,5) The author suggests that our society nowadays is unprepared for a world filled with diverse, educated minds and free thinkers. The decline in the quality of our educational system has been encouraged through one disheartened professor after another leading a now thoughtless generation that does not know how to think for themselves or the effects their actions may have on others.
Making no attempt to find solutions for this growing epidemic, the blame for our uneducated generation is far too often passed between the hierarchies within our current academic system. The constant overcrowding of a majority of public education institutions has played a major role in the lack of passionate administrators as well as within the minds of many impressionable young individuals attending. Most teachers nowadays develop a sense of numbness due to being significantly outnumbered when the classr...

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...maturity is evidently lacking within most academic institutions available to students today. These key characteristics provide students with a good moral background that can lead them to great amounts of success. The staggering decrease of intellect found between our recent generations will essentially have a major negative effect on our society, producing an insurmountable number of thoughtless individuals with narrow mindsets who have an inability to problem solve. Gatto’s article efficiently describes the various reasons boredom, has become so prevalent within classrooms alongside the many neglected professors. Both articles explain the many ways society has crippled our education as well as dampen our levels of creativity through the consistently overcrowded academic I institutions that lack an adequate amount of constructive professors and willing students.

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