Diversity At My Service Learning Essay

Diversity At My Service Learning Essay

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As my days at Kindergarten Gap come to a close, I have been reflecting a lot. Between this Human Relations class and my service learning experience, I have learned how diverse of a society we live in. I’ve observed many sources of diversity at my service learning site. It has been a real eye opening experience. Throughout the last three months, I’ve observed diversity amongst ethnic group, ability, gender, and social-economic class just to name a few. Being able to see diversity first hand at my service learning site has made me not only grow as a future teacher, but as a person.
At my service learning site, there about thirty-forty kindergartens. One of the major differences I observe is the diversity amongst gender. Even though there is an equal amount of boys and girls, I’ve observed some differences. The boys I’ve observed, tend to always get snack. When they are done with snack, most decide to play in the free play room or dramatic play room. As for the girls, many of them choose not to eat, and retreat right for the art/activity room. Another difference I saw, was when we had a male assistant teacher, the boys didn’t seem to act out as much. In class, we have learned about the different multiple intelligence, and from that we have learned there is a difference. It was interesting to observe these differences at my service learning site.
Another diverse issue I’ve been able to observe at my service learning site is amongst ethnic/race groups. One of the first things I learned in our class, was about how diverse the town of Brookings really is. From different professors and students at SDSU, to the Baby Bel-Cheese factory here, Brookings is full of difference ethnicities. At the kindergarten GAP program there a...

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...mong the kindergarteners and their abilities is something that as a future teacher need to keep an eye one because there is arrange of difference amongst abilities.
As a future teacher, it was fun and interesting to observe with the idea of diversity in mind. Just in my first semester here at SDSU, I’ve learned how important diversity really is. I now understand, that a future educator, we need to treat every child as unique. Not one child is the same, nor are they the same as an older sibling(s) I may have had previously. Having this understanding will help me ask questions and be a good communicator with the child and his/her parents. These diversity issues, along with many others, I will face going forward in this program and when I get into my career. I loved my service learning experience and I could not have asked for a better way to learn.

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