Diversity And The Social Environment Essay

Diversity And The Social Environment Essay

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Dave Holt Professor Yager Diversity & the Social Environment: SWK204 28 February 2016 I David Holt has personally completed a hundred percent of the reading. Watched all ninety minutes of The Color of Fear (Part One), watched all video lectures, completed the White Privilege Checklist and interviewed a friend of the Portuguese race. Which leads to a question of the difference between Ethnicity and Race? The way I understood Ethnic group would be for example Latino and the races that helped to make that up would be Mexican, Cuban and Puerto Rican as examples. So Portuguese would be a separate Race of White Ethnicity? In order to be culturally competent the first step is to understand one’s self. To understand where one’s personal thought process comes from in regards to another culture. Is my view logical, did I develop my own view or adopt family’s point of view? What have I personally experienced to shape and mold my personal views on culture? How do other culture 's view mine? The second point when understanding other cultures differences, this destroys unrealistic thoughts and stereotypes. This lessons are personal fears and prejudices towards those unlike ourselves. For individuals working in Human Services Field, Social Work or Ministry it important to understand cultural differences in order to help those in need. There is a mistrust that exists between races and even ethnic groups. The more we know concerning a client’s culture the more we can build their trust. Through this trust we are able to open up the discussions to the root of the problems. In addition, by understanding customs or culture we can be more empathetic to the individuals and not come across as heartless individuals. If asked several years ago in 2008 I w...

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... ethnicity die to become a white American. David understood this comment with the acknowledgement of his facial expression and nod. White privileged people have denied our heritage in order to identify as Americans. We are no longer Irish American or Pennsylvania Dutch, but simply Americans. We are the ones that have assimilated to a notion of giving up our heritage in order to fit in. In conclusion, I have learned a great deal about myself this week, including the fact that I don’t always like change. I have learned my race has lived a privileged life. I am privileged because of my race, beat up for my religious beliefs and not stereotyped to be lazy or dangerous. This exercise makes me comprehend my race is still very much an oppressor to minorities although it portrays itself differently. Discrimination goes beyond laws and is deeply rooted in the “White Society.”

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