Diversity And Multiculturalism Of The North American Mainstream Essay

Diversity And Multiculturalism Of The North American Mainstream Essay

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Kottak, Conrad Phillip and Kayhryn Kozaitis 2012 On Being Different, Diversity and Multiculturalism in the North American Mainstream, 4th edition, McGraw Hill Press, New York: Chapter 1.

Central Theme:
The central theme of chapter one from On Being Different is about the myth that America was built based on the idea of unity and diversity. It is also about America being a multicultural society. The chapter does also explain how different TV shows and holidays have shown this idea to be true.

What was the article about?:
The article was about using the idea of myths and comparing it to TV shows to help explain the idea that America was built on the myth of unity and diversity. A myth is a story that is shared among people of the same society and has a meaning behind it within that society. These myths are special to each society. All societies have myth and different beliefs as to the upbringing of their society. Not everyone in America will have these same thoughts, but the idea and some of the myths are things that are being passed down in generations.

American is made up of different culture and backgrounds, we all have to coexist with each other. But when we come together as a whole America is believed to strive on the idea that there is unity within the different diversities, this is what makes it great. Like the example that the author gives about the movie Star Trek, there are many characters within the movie that are really different from each other but work together as one to get to where they need to get. The different characters represent the different backgrounds that have come together in America, and them working together represents the unity of America.

Thoughts and Feelings:
I thought that the way t...

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..., but who’s to say that they did not come from Asia or anywhere else. Everyone believes what they believe.

All in all I do not believe that anyone will ever come to the same point. There are definitely great thoughts and great points to both sides, but having a common identity in America is a complicated subject and will be hard to get people to accept that idea.

Questions for the Articles:
1. How would individuals react if myths and beliefs from other parts of the world were present to them? Like in the article Nice Girls Don’t Talk to Rastas
2. Why do different parts of the world have different norms?
3. Would it make a difference in how people interacted with each other, if America did have a common identity?
4. Does Schlesinger believe that the values originated from Europe because that where the majority of the first people that migrated to America came from?

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