Essay on Diversity And Inclusion Of Schools

Essay on Diversity And Inclusion Of Schools

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Diversity and Inclusion in Schools
Diversity and inclusion are two topics that are becoming increasingly important in classrooms. There is becoming a larger push to include students of all abilities in regular classroom activities. As schools become more diverse, teachers change their curriculum to fit the wider variety of individuals. Both Klotz in Culturally Competent Schools: Guidelines for Secondary School Principals and Page and Marlowe in Rejecting Instruction That Disables address the topic of diversity and the importance of inclusion in education.
The population of students from a variety of cultures is increasing greatly. Klotz mentions that “A culturally competent school is… one that honors, respects, and values diversity in theory and in practice and where teaching and learning are made relevant… to students of various cultures” (Klotz 11). Teachers are there to help students learn in the way that works best for the student, which means that they may have to use a variety of different teaching styles in order to help everyone. Page and Marlowe mention that “…students with disabilities… [Are] in much more urgent need of constructivist approaches, [but] are far less likely to receive them” (82). This is important, because those with disabilities need extra help to receive a good education. It is important for all students to be assisted with learning, so that education becomes more than just memorization. This is especially true for those students with disabilities, because their curriculum generally focuses on simple memorization and not actual learning, because it is simpler to teach.
Inclusion is another key topic discussed in both articles. In the article by Page and Marlowe, it is mentioned, “For most students...

... middle of paper ...

...hers do not feel like they are adequately taught how to work with diversity. Many see it as a problem, instead of a chance to make education stronger. By focusing on a wider variety of people, teachers will themselves be made more culturally understanding, and make students of all types feel comfortable.
Students are the most important part of education. Education is supposed to be based on each student’s needs, but it is often focused around the teacher’s views on what is right. By focusing on strict memorization, teachers exclude many students from truly learning the material. By disregarding inclusion, teachers also make it more challenging for both those with and those without disabilities to work together outside of school. This could make for an uncomfortable environment for both groups. Diversity is increasing, and it is crucial for inclusion to increase too.

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