Diversity And How We View It Essay

Diversity And How We View It Essay

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Adam Amble

Stephen Rendahl
Joshua Young

Communication 102

23 November 2014

Diversity and How We View It

When i hear the term diversity, I cannot help to think of the variety in culture, the sense of people congregating together to form one diverse group. This one diverse group i believe to be the heart of diversity and all things different. For a long time, people have believed that diversity and the form of being different to one and another is not good, it means that they are not like you, have no relation to you, and just someone you cannot relate to, so you don 't talk to them. People are often discouraged from speaking with a diverse group of people, and i know, i feel the same way sometimes. But the act of being diverse lessens the divide in our social understandings of each other. I will tell you through my explanations of what it means to have positive diversity and how we can strive to be better.
Although we now live in a world where racism and all the negativities of diversity are either frowned upon or illegal, but even still, I find that people of different color and culture are stereotyped and classified upon their identity. Some people even consider cultures to be stuck in there own cultural paradigms enough that they think their culture should be pampered to. This is explained to be true and most popular in the United States because of our acceptance of all religions and cultures. My culture, being the typical Mid Westerner, finds this insulting when other cultures try to change our lifestyle to fit theirs when we are the majority. Of course midwesterners will think this but not speak out about it because we would be slaneralized as the racist people who believe in white supremacy. These are the negatives abou...

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