Essay about Diversity : A Hostile Environment

Essay about Diversity : A Hostile Environment

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create a hostile environment. These challenges, if not detected and resolved via constructive leadership, along with failure to participate will lead to loss of innovative potential in diversity efforts and ultimately to failure in the undertakings of and organization.
Law enforcement is a field highly sought often, yet one in which it can be difficult to land a job. By understanding some of the more advanced matters in police work, you can better appreciate what skills are needed and determine if it is a career you could actually excel in and envy. The more one knows about what a police officer is and does, the better on can understand what type of person an agency is looking for. With even all the police academy, field training, and street experience they would tell you that every case and day is different. Doing the job requires a variety of approaches every day. However, you may the officers with every little experience say they can handle anything. This is what the police organizations are looking for (Johnston, 2015, p.24)
A lot of times and money is invested in hiring and training recruits. Police organizations are looking for that recruit who after their training can handle being on the streets. Being able to perform the job at entry level, with the potential to excel is the eye catcher for most criminal justice organizations (Johnston, 2015, p.24)
Police organizations range in on to thousands of officers. All and most organizations use the same hiring and pay scale information. A police recruit attends training and learns the responsibilities of the entry level law enforcement officer. At no time is a recruit denied entry to attend training based solely on gender or cultural background...

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...hey have diversity does not mean that they are not accepting of diversity. They may well be trying, and it does not take much to be the one to open the door that gives them better insight into how their workplace can become even more diverse.
History has shown that minorities and women have not been seen as equals. Today, women carry out jobs once dominated by men. We have seen a significant change in welcoming both minorities and women in to the organization of the criminal justice system, but there is still more work to be done. Still in today’s society and culture some feel that minorities and especially women are not fit for all jobs. It is still an obstacle that women must be prepared to
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face. The objective is to show society that change is possible and okay. Hopefully the culture can also change one day as well.

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