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Diversification Within The United States Essay examples

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Diversification within populations in the U.S. and throughout the world is evidently increasing, which means patients requiring treatment at hospitals and clinics are now racially and ethnically unique to each area. This is significant do to the fact that the healthcare work force throughout the U.S. is not diversifying its personnel at the rate in which people of various backgrounds are requiring treatment. This underrepresentation of minorities in healthcare settings is a causing factor of moral and economic problems leading to health disparities in the U.S. Health disparities can be eliminated by delivering easily accessible, high-quality care to all racial and ethnic groups, through the incorporation of a diverse work force that is administering the services. In order for hospitals and employers to increase the amount of diversity in healthcare professions, efforts need to be directed at improving the educational pipeline (beginning at primary education), diversifying enrollments at educational institutions, and developing policy that promotes diversity in higher education.
Disparities in health also encompass opportunity loss for minorities within the U.S. With the majority of minority children students living and attending schools in low socioeconomic areas, often times their educational needs are not met. These children not only have severely reduced chances of attending college, but have even lowered chances of being eventually even interested in medical institutions and healthcare work. According to Grumbach and Mendosa, “The single biggest impediment to greater diversity in the health professions is the failure of primary education in the United States (2008).” The reason for this drastic impediment can be linked bac...

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...does not include decreased standards for admittance, or turning away people of majority because diversification is needed, but encompasses deeper and stronger changes for the good of the healthcare system and it’s patients. When efforts of diversification start early in the “pipeline” of education and carry through to diversifying enrollments at universities, all students are granted an equal and opportune “playing field” for which they may use to possibly flourish and reach a future health profession. With a more diverse work force, the elimination of health disparities and the ability to deliver high-quality care to all racial and ethnics groups seems well within reach. The world and its people never stop changing, so either should the people within health professions that provide medical treatment assistance to the rest of the diverse U.S. population, every day.

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