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Diverse Coven
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be different, different than everybody else, to have a gift that you never wanted or never expected to ever have? Well for Madison she would just be coming into her powers she would become a young witch more powerful than she could ever imagine. She would not be alone in this she would have others just like her to practice and learn the craft with. But they would have to learn fast to protect themselves from the evil that follows good magic.
The first time Madison new she was different was when she found her family’s book of shadows going through her mom’s stuff after she passed away. A book of shadows is passed down from generation to generation. As it goes through each generation and is handed down everyone finds something new or important to add to the book, for future witches to learn and help protect them from evil. Madison’s mom never got the chance to pass her family’s book on because she was killed by evil and had left Madison vulnerable. Madison doesn’t know her mom was killed by evil yet she thinks it was just an accident. When she first opened the book there was a letter addressed to her the letter said
“Dear Madison,
If you are reading this letter I am gone I am sorry I never wanted you, myself our any of us to ever have these gifts but you can’t run from destiny as it always finds a way to catch up with you. You have powers Madison, Incredible power you could ever imagine. Evil will soon follow please protect yourself they will come. Your power is your greatest protection use it to your advantage master it. I love you Madison,
Your Mom.”
After reading this she is scared and doesn’t know how to take this. She doesn’t believe she has power, until...

... middle of paper ...

...ings, glass and wood from broken chairs everywhere finally Madison just gets so mad and yells “STOP THIS IS ENOUGH” they all just freeze and look at her all the demons burst into flames one by one dying.
Everyone was so happy Madison had saved them even her grandma. But her grandma wondered why she had all this great power, she didn’t even have that much and she was an elder. She remembered hearing something about a great power being born into the world the greatest and most powerful anyone has ever seen, she would be the one great enough to tip the balance of good and evil. She never thought it would be part of her family she was so grateful and happy. But she knew Madison had a very hard destiny to fulfill and a lot of things she needed to accomplish. Her grandma knew she had been through enough tonight and would tell her of her destiny another time.

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