Divergent a Story That Takes Place in The Future Essay

Divergent a Story That Takes Place in The Future Essay

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The story Divergent takes place in a future version of Chicago. In this futuristic city there are five distinct factions. Each faction has a different characteristic by which they follow. They all have a different opinion on which is best, but, the Dauntless believe bravery is the best, the Erudite think knowledge is the key to success, Abnegation is a bit out there and believes being pro-self-sacrifice is the way to go, the Amity loves friendship, and the Candor are the realists of this crazy place. The main character of this story is Beatrice Prior, she grew up in an abnegation family, but when she turned 16 she decided to join the Dauntless. She made this choice, because, she thought they were “cool” they have tattoos, piercings, and leather jackets. Beatrice also didn’t really fit in with the Abnegation, she was Divergent.
If you want to join a different faction you have to work for it. They won’t just give you their title. You have to train and go through an extremely tough competition to get into the faction. “I stare at my name on the board. My cheeks feel hot. Al and Christin...

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