Divergences from the Norm: A Brief Review of Phil Claydon’s Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009)

Divergences from the Norm: A Brief Review of Phil Claydon’s Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009)

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Although the title of Phil Claydon’s 2009 pop-culture laden comedy lends itself more toward a low-budget work of pornography, Lesbian Vampire Killers itself instead surprises audiences with a healthy dose of comedic relief and parody akin more to the classic Evil Dead series than simply an adult cheesecake featurette. True, the film’s plot relies primarily upon what some may deem the humor of men drooling over attractive female characters and their anatomy, in all honesty, to those open to the relatively simple comedic style and pop-culture based presentation, this reliance upon simplistic humor elevates the film to the status of a ”must-see” within the b-rated spoof film world. Unlike Sam Raimi’s spoof comedies, however, Lesbian Vampire Killers continues to evade popularity within the annals of modern cultural film history and instead falls just short of gaining any substantial recognition with critics whether professional or those within the ordinary film-buff extraordinaire categories. Rather than attempt to come across as a sad movie hybrid (akin to Scary Movie et. al.) which fails to humor audiences even on a base level, Phil Claydon’s work instead manages to mesh the worlds of spoofs and classic horror films within one relatively seamless package . The film, risky, rude, vaguely sacrilegious and openly morbidly comedic pulls itself up by its bootstraps and relies principally upon the fact that it stands as is and does not pretend to be anything other than a spoof comedy built for open-minded movie goers of all types.
The film itself takes place primarily within a small rural town of Norfolk beset by a generations old curse through which its daughters unwittingly become lesbian vampires upon reaching their eighteenth birt...

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...ed bit of crude humor, allows audiences to witness the actual entertaining nature of the movie and how much fun the actors had in its production. This playful joking easily compliments the distinctly farcical side of the film’s overall plot. While the dialogue in almost all horror films relies on dramatic pauses and carefully constructed inclusions of plot-related detail, Lesbian Vampire Killers again pretends to be nothing more than what it is.
Simply put, while not every movie-goer appreciates the film with its overt reliance upon slap-stick and crude humor, deeming it little more than a conglomeration of juvenile jokes and cheap laughs, those who seek hysterical satire performed and achieved with zeal and a touch of realism see the film for what it truly is; the perfect mesh of horror and satire in an unabashed shell of pop-culture and well-timed humor.

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