The Disturbing Part Of The Video ' Lost Girls ' Essay

The Disturbing Part Of The Video ' Lost Girls ' Essay

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The most disturbing part of the video “Lost Girls”, is the lack of justice and the nature of the crimes. Why is it that the rich or people with connection have police protecting their neighborhood while the rest of the citizens of the Cuidad Juarez do not? Also, how can the police think that the public and citizen will be too ignorant to ignore the blatant evidence against their police department? The police in Cuidad Juarez are without a doubt responsible for this injustice. The main injustices are: tampering with evidence from some of the girl’s case, torturing innocent people into confessing to a crime they did not commit, and covering up for the members of organized crime.
In the video “Lost Girls”, the narrator shows a side of Cuidad Juarez where people with money live. It clearly shows that they have police surveilling the area for any cars and people whom look out of place. When the narrator drove through the neighborhood they immediately stopped her and investigated what she was doing. Why can’t the police do the same thing in the lower income neighborhood? The difference between the two neighborhoods is immense. A possible explanation as to why the police is not protecting the lower income neighborhood is that they are paid not to protect the poor citizens, specifically women. It was mentioned in the video that the raping and killing of women have now become a blood sport among the men of organized crime. Perhaps, they have the poor neighborhood as their hunting grounds. According, some of the citizens of Cuidad Juarez the organized crime already has the police protection for any crime they commit, regardless of how horrible it is. The women also mentioned how the men are mostly likely bored and this is their way of ent...

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...lice officers who are willing to do the right thing are immediately fired. With this “system” that the police of Cuidad Juarez have the cycle will never end and Organized Crime will continue to run the city.
All in all, the police department in Cuidad Juarez is completely useless. They only serve a few of the citizens whom are people in organized crime. The main injustices found in the video “Lost Girls are: tampering with evidence found some of the girl’s case, torturing innocent people into confessing to a crime they did not commit, and finally covering up for the members of organized crime. Many questions have been raised regarding the safely and efficiency of the various police departments in Cuidad Juarez. Not only are they arresting the wrong people for these horrendous crimes, they are also hindering the investigations and ignoring actual evidence presented.

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