Disturbances in the Environment Caused by Human Influences or Natural Ecological Processes

Disturbances in the Environment Caused by Human Influences or Natural Ecological Processes

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Environmental change is a disturbance of the environment caused by human influences or natural ecological processes. Human influences effect the natural occurrences in the environment, many still do not understand the negative and life threatening issues that influence the direct impact it has on our planet and the effect it has on our day to day lives. There are things in life that we all rely on to get through our daily lives, such as using energy, driving our cars and the factories that make the fuel to heat our home’s and run our vehicles.
Electricity or natural gas is used to heat and cool our homes. Most of the electricity in Canada is produced by burning coal or oil, which causes greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. On average in Canada, there are 2.4 Million barrels of oil burned per day. House hold and farming products are becoming a problem causing pollution which is eating away at our ozone layer. Other problems arise from household cleaning products or painting supplies when they are not disposed of properly. When people are not informed properly on how to dispose of t...

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