Essay about Distrust Of Democracy

Essay about Distrust Of Democracy

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Distrust of Democracy
“A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have” (Democracy Quotes). Years ago, Thomas Jefferson was among many who, during drafting and ratification of the constitution, voiced their wariness over the creation of a strong national government. Professor I.M. Skeptic argues that the constitution was born out of a distrust of democracy. I do believe that the constitution was created out of distrust; however I believe this distrust is for a strong central government that was displayed through Britain 's monarchy, not of democracy.
Professor Skeptic, in his keynote speech, points to the Electoral College as an example of distrust in our electoral system. It would appear as though Professor Skeptic is correct. If one would look over the details of the Electoral College, they would see that a candidate can lose the popular vote and yet still win the election. That sounds like distrust to me. However, one must dive into the time period and the events around the institution of an Electoral College system. Both the Virginia Plan and New Jersey plan proposed that the executive branch be elected by the legislature. This view was popular until a flaw was pointed out. The legislature was already powerful due to the Founding Fathers’ distrust of the executive branch, and having the legislature elect the executive branch would make the executive branch even more dependent on the legislative branch, which did not need any more power over the executive branch. So the Framers decided to use a popular election to decide who would be in the executive branch; however, small states and states that had slavery felt that a popular vote would give away their rights...

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...ated because the Framers distrusted the people. The checks put on the House of Representatives are to hold them accountable. Professor Skeptic needs to look at his information a little more closely. If he does then he might come away with a slightly adjusted perspective.

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