Essay about The Distribution Of Wealth By Robert Nozick

Essay about The Distribution Of Wealth By Robert Nozick

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The distribution of wealth is a basically the view on wealth, and the various members or groups in a society. Of course, it differs from the distribution of income in that it looks at the distribution of ownership of the assets in a society, rather that the current income of members of that society. Wealth is the amount of liabilities being taken away from the amount of assets. The world always calculates wealth base off ones’ income, but the do relates with a simple factor of expenses. Distribution of wealth can also be a luck factor, it can be based off family income and family inheritance things of that nature. Distribution of wealth is based of the nation, which is controlled by the government in many cases, like when it comes to taxes and public schooling. I feel as though John Rawls’ distribution of wealth holds a government, which supports their society. On the contrary, Robert Nozick believes people get what is offered not based off luck.
In fact, I believe in a welfare assist community or society because not everyone is lucky to be born with certain pro, for example, inheritances, legacies, great neighborhoods, and etc. In thus, Mr. John Rawls’ philosophy of welfare liberalism is the theory I agree with, rather than Robert Nozick’s belief of classical liberalism. John Rawls’ type of justice is equal opportunities, but Nozick believes in ownership of property and free choice. Having a free choice for each person within the society, also creates problems for the society as a whole because it leads to the involvement of the economy and other social issues that we face now. For instance, a issue you face as a society when it comes to free choice for women, and even families are the option of abortion.
Now, justice of fairne...

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... with Mr. Nozick because legitimate means should not determine your distribution of wealth. However, I like that with Mr. Nozick’s theory when something is being earned or taken by a negative action it is unjust, and the person that is the victim should be repaid until their holding is back just.
In Conclusion, I believe in equal opportunities for the types of justices, so I would be a welfare liberalism. This is the distribution that John Rawls believes is philosophical correct when you discuss the issue of wealth. Of course, there are some problems when it comes to his two principles of justice, but it seems more beneficial as a whole for a progressing society. However, It’s areas where I could agree with Mr. Nozick distribution of wealth, but if people are looking for lifetime advantages this type of justice, which is entitlement and free choice is not the way.

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