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Distressed Hamlet Essay

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In the novel, Hamlet, there is a character that suffers from a life of insecurity and uncontrolled events that afflict him as there is nothing he can do to change it. "Hamlet is . . . a noble prince who suffers from a corrupt world that is not suitable to his sensitive moral nature.” He attempts to improve his distressed reality while his past continued to haunt him. He has a best friend, Horatio, who is loyal to him and tries to help him throughout the entire play. He is engaged to a lovely woman named Ophelia, which he loses interest with after he deals with his dreadful and upsetting world. He eventually leads her to contemplate suicide after rejecting her and making her give up on life. Her brother, Laertes, dedicates his life to avenging his family by ending Hamlet’s life. Hamlet continues down a road of misery and despair while spreading the grief he inhibits towards those around him.

The story already begins with moral corruption, as the prince of Denmark lays dormant the burden of his recently deceased father who has been replaced by his despicable uncle, Claudius, whom he despises the most and marries his mother. He is disgusted throughout the whole wedding and begins to contemplate suicide with the options he had left in his world. He thinks his stepfather as less of a friend than he is a relative. He also loathes his mother's choice to replace his father in the short amount of time with the person he hardly feels comfortable with. He is conflicted as he feels they are both incomparable to the father he used to have.

The plot thickens after Hamlet meets his colleague from school, Horatio, to be informed having seen his deceased father. The disturbed prince was baffled by his friend's report and was unconvinced,...

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...) Laertes also falls revealing that the rapier was poisoned also and that their lives would be no more in less than an hour. He blames Claudius for the entire predicament and proclaims that he is justly slain by his own treachery. The enraged Hamlet irrepressibly stabs the king, as he forces him to drink the wine that was ironically intended to slay Hamlet. They all die as Horatio is told to remain to tell the tale of everything that's happened. The prince of Fortinbras arrives to visit Claudius as he finds everyone scattered lifeless and takes over the throne of Denmark. And so ends the tragedy of Hamlet, with his world surrounded by conspiracy and betrayal.

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