Distractions that Causes Sleep Disturbance Essay

Distractions that Causes Sleep Disturbance Essay

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1. Sleep deprivation is cause by sleep disturbances. Sleep disturbances can be caused by many reasons. These reasons include environmental factors, such as extreme noise or excessive light. It can also be a result of physical factors, such as changes in diet and exercise patterns. Sleep can also be disturbed by stress factors- both chronic and acute- and emotional factors. Sometimes linked with the difficulty of falling asleep, there is the difficulty of staying asleep. (Holloway, 2013)
2. Sleep deprivation affects the body as a whole. Lack of sleep tires out your body as it has not had enough rest. This results in overall tiredness and therefore laziness. The main part of the body to be affected by sleep deprivation is the brain. Without enough time to rest and recover, the brain does not function properly and causes lack of judgement in any tasks that one may take on. It also results in loss of concentration or the inability to concentrate for long periods of time. (Holloway, 2013)

3. This disease includes the possibility of a larger medical condition or psychological disorder. It may just be a symptom of a more serious disease such as an Anxiety or Mood Disorder. Sleep disturbance and therefore deprivation can be chronic. In this case, it can imply there is a serious underlying psychological disorder. In these cases, it is generally advised to consider getting a medical help or psychological counselling. (Holloway, 2013)
4. Sleep Deprivation is often very noticeable because of its obvious symptoms. These symptoms vary in degree according to each individual. They include impaired judgement as they cannot assess situations accurately. The thing that becomes most poorly judged is the impact their sleep deprivation has...

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... is more prevalent in first world countries than third world. This is because there are a lot more electronic devices. I suspect these would be an issue as many people become addicted and therefore chose to use these devices rather than getting their essential sleep. In third world countries, they often rely on more simplistic ways for entertainment and are not so easily distracted when sleep is required. Although it is a possibility that my assumption could be incorrect as a third world countries could spend more time reaching their destinations (by walking) and have less time to sleep while first world countries and have modern ways of getting from one place to another and this would result in more time to sleep. However, I believe that electronic devices are a huge distraction in first world countries and would result in higher statistics of sleep deprivation.

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