Essay about The Distractions From Cell Phone Use

Essay about The Distractions From Cell Phone Use

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The Distractions from Cell Phone Use
Have you ever wondered what causes people to become attracted to their cell phones in our world today? People today have the tendency to keep their cell phones close by in order to check for new text messages and notifications on social media all day and night. The constant need to check our cell phones distracts us from our daily lives with our friends and families when we do not give them physical attention. Although cell phones are an important invention that allows us to communicate with people remotely, it distracts us from reality, such as the awareness of our surroundings, a reduction in face-to-face interaction, and the constant interruption from social media.
Cell phones are a necessity that everyone has in our world today, but we face the challenge of being frequently distracted by our cell phones when it comes to being aware of our surroundings. People in our world put checking their cell phones as their priority over paying attention to their surroundings. Our cell phones often create distractions in many situations, such as riding the bus or when were walking down the street. As a result, the rate of cell phone thefts has increased significantly in the past few years. People are spending more time looking at their cell phones than keeping an eye on their surroundings. Crimes of opportunity often involve cell phone theft, as thieves often snatch and grab cell phones from unsuspecting victims who are distracted (Associated Press). The use of cell phones is also the leading cause of car accidents, as drivers frequently feel the need to check their cell phones for text messages, social media, and navigation to their destinations while driving. As we are not capable of multitasking, usi...

... middle of paper ... their cell phone, we cannot prevent people from using their cell phones at this point. Everyone in our society has a cell phone, as its necessity that we rely on every day. The use of cell phones prevents us from concentrating on the environment around us, as people in our world today often feel awkward to talk one another face-to-face. People also have the tendency to check their cell phones frequently, as they do not want to miss out new activities on social media. As a result, people should spend less time using their cell phones and engage in conversations in person. To sum it up, people will continue to be addicted to using their cell phones, as people rely on the many features that their cell phones offer in their daily lives. People see the use of cell phones as a more convenient way of communicating when they do not want to physically interact with others.

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