The Distortion of Image in America's Top Model Essay

The Distortion of Image in America's Top Model Essay

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Reality Television Essay

In this contemporary society, many individuals are getting hooked and exposed to numerous kinds and different genres of reality television shows. Most of the producers of the reality television seem that they are aiming to give us entertainment and show us what “reality” is through their programs. However, these shows are intended to persuade, influence, and manipulate its viewers in many ways. In Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth about Guilty Pleasure TV, Jennifer Pozner examines how reality TV shows such as America’s Next Top Model can have a strong influence in today’s society. America’s Next Top Model is a popular modeling and competition show that aims towards a group of people, particularly women. These aspiring models have to face weekly challenges while living together in order to compete for a modeling contract. Given that many viewers enjoy watching the show, it has become a serious issue affecting our culture. In general, many reality television shows, particularly the America’s Next Top Model, sends negative messages and reinforces stereotypes to manipulate the viewers to believe that the ideal standard level of beauty can be attained.
America’s Next Top Model’s goal is to help the female community to feel good about the way they look in their own skin. Tyra Banks, one of the judges and producer of America’s Next Top Model, stated, “It’s my number one passion in my life to stretch the definition of beauty. I listen to many heartbreaking stories of women who thought they would be happier if they looked different. I want every girl to appreciate the skin she’s in” (pg. 196). This reality television program shows the transformations of different young women from different backgrounds, si...

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... of beauty. The female viewers, who watch the show, are also getting the false notion that being “thin” is the ideal body image in this society without knowing that can be harmful and create damaging impacts on them. In general, America’s Next Top Model is not truly promoting the desired beauty, but establishing unhealthy beauty standards that influence viewer’s perceptions.
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