Distinguishing the Difference in News Coverage among International and Domestic

Distinguishing the Difference in News Coverage among International and Domestic

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Distinguishing the Difference in News Coverage among International and Domestic
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Identifying a Variance in News Coverage

It became evident throughout our investigation that separating domestic news source sites from international news source sites would be beneficial in addressing our question of the variance in coverage among these news sources when identifying natural disasters throughout the world. With the objective of properly addressing this inquiry, we decided upon a proposition in order to accurately identify whether a difference in news source coverage truly exists. Therefore, we propose that world reports provide more specifications about international involvement in natural disasters rather than reports from the United States alone. This as a result insinuates that U.S. reports will have present information about U.S. aid and involvement. In turn, to properly address this proposal, we have further dissected the topic of discussion into five segments that will equally address the above mentioned proposal and discuss how the global culture manifests as it comes into being. Consequently, the discussion of domestic rebuilding; foreign aid; poverty stricken areas; displaced families and populations; and, environmental cause and effect will be the five subtopics identifying the variance among news sources in alignment with our proposal. Before diverging into subtopics regarding natural disasters, it will be important to discuss more technical aspects of the research in order to visualize the research we were presented with. First, a total of 26 stories were tagged throughout the two month span for our group to further research. Once tagging articles was completed, it became clear that there were not ...

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...h 2007
“Queensland to Drink Waste Water.” BBC UK 29 January 2007. 29 January 2007
“Rains Worsen Indonesia’s Flooding.” CNN World 09 February 2007. 09 February 2007
“Rescue Efforts Intensify After Quake.” CNN 07 March 2007. 07 March 2007
“Rescue Efforts Intensify After Quake.” CNN World 07 March 2007. 07 March 2007
“Thousands Ill, as Jakarta Cleans up After Flood” CNN 12 February 2007. 12 February 2007

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