Distance Learning Uses Online Capabilities to Provide High-Quality Education

Distance Learning Uses Online Capabilities to Provide High-Quality Education

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Distance learning capabilities have benefited students and employers for many years. Correspondence schools, providing coursework through mail, have existed for over one hundred years. Distance learning makes available higher education to the non-traditional student. Degree seeking students’ demand for online curriculum has driven growth for this type of distance learning capability. Now offered by reputable universities, online campuses make available quality education for the full time worker while the employer maintains a fully productive employee with escalating skill sets. Distance learning using today’s online capability provides high-quality education benefiting both employers and full time working students.

Since the late eighteen hundreds, distance learning has made available higher learning to individuals who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to formally increase their skills. Early distance learning opportunities consisted of correspondence schools. These schools used the mail system to provide coursework. The individual would study the course material and subsequently mail test requirements back to the school for grading. This higher learning capability positively impacted employers by providing their employees the opportunity to grow their skill sets and maintain productive full time work schedules. According Industrial Management (1967), “7% of the top executives in the nation’s largest 8,000 corporations” in 1967 took advantage of correspondence coursework (para.3). For many years, distance learning has kept corporations’ existing employee knowledge up to date appropriately sustaining intellectual capital.

Similar to correspondence schools, today’s online learning capabilities continue to pr...

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...ds for obtaining higher learning continuously evolve and improve. Strategic attention to online learning methodology by reputable universities has afforded increased academic integrity necessary for strengthening effectiveness and perceptions. Productive employees maintaining up to date knowledge enhances intellectual capital of companies. Distance learning provides high-quality education benefiting employers and full time working students.

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