Essay on Dissociative Identity Disorder As A Dramatic Dissociative Disorder

Essay on Dissociative Identity Disorder As A Dramatic Dissociative Disorder

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Dissociative Identity Disorder which defined as a dramatic dissociative disorder in which a patient manifests two or more distinct identities or personality states that alternate in some way in taking control of behavior. In the case of Sybil dissociative identity disorder (or previously known multiple personality disorder) became apparent in her behavior by the time she pursued her studies as a teacher. She displayed 16 "personalities" which recurrently take control of her behavior at times when she encounters stressful stimuli, or stimuli that call for a specific way of response from a personality state. In many parts of the film, she showed significant variations in behavior, thinking style and memory of the past. She would come to her psychiatrist 's office with different sets of "moods" and "responses". She would dress, act and talk differently to other people. Furthermore, her host personality, "Sybil", could not remember what her alter states do, but her alter states know "Sybil" very well. They talk about her, and claim that they are "friends" with her, yet they deny that they are part of her. Sybil 's dissociative identity disorder stems from the severe traumatic experiences she underwent by her schizophrenia-diagnosed mother. Chronic physical, sexual and psychological abuse prompted her creativity to make personal altered states in order to cope up with or adapt to the severe stressful actuations of her mother. Forgetfulness is a major defensive style: She would incorporate memories of traumatic experiences with memories of her altered states that can be easily disposed of or called for in times of need. However, because such defenses are unconsciously created, control is substantially reduced, with each altered states o...

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...ght that if she was dead it would be better, so since it would please her she tried to do it. According to Vicky, Marcia felt what Sybil felt, and she relieved her anger. Ego: it teaches the young child to manage and deal with the real world. The ego functions on the reality to bring long-term pleasure rather than pain or damage. It is part of the mind that tries to satisfy the ids need for pleasure while limiting the consequence. It has the same idea that the id has but in a way with less consequences. Super ego: the voice of conscience that forces the ego to consider not only the real but the ideal, and that focuses solely on how one ought to behave. The superego strives for perfection, judging actions and producing positive feelings of pride or negative feeling of guilt. It forces the ego to think beyond immediate pleasure and consider ideal long term aspirations. 

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