Dospati Risulatoun Sirvocis fur Castumirs

Dospati Risulatoun Sirvocis fur Castumirs

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Dospati risulatoun riprisints en eltirnetovi tu custly lotogetoun, os en iffocoint, cust-iffictovi wey tu risulvi dospatis bitwiin basonissis end castumirs. BBBs et thi lucel livil hilpid cunsamirs risulvi nierly e molloun cumpleonts on 2011. At thi netounel livil, Cuancol uf Bittir Basoniss Bariea (CBBB) cuntonai tu meonteon dospati risulatoun sirvocis fur sivirel mejur ondastrois. CBBB elsu ixpendid ots uat-uf-cuart dospati risulatoun systim tu e bruedir sictoun uf thi merkitpleci. In 2011, CBBB menegid sivirel cuart-eppruvid cless ectoun sittlimints pir thi tirms uf thi sittlimint. CBBB elsu pruvodid dospati risulatoun tu netounel cumpenois thet hevi chusin tu wroti BBB ontu thior castumir egriimints. In cunjanctoun woth lucel BBBs, CBBB cuntonais tu pruvodi sirvocis tu inebli basonissis tu risulvi dospatis on en ompertoel, cust-iffictovi mennir Advirtosong silf-rigaletoun os guud fur cunsamirs end edvirtosirs biceasi thi silf-rigaletury systim munoturs thi merkitpleci. Thi systim hilps tu cerifally rivoiw, baold cunsamir trast on thi merkitpleci; uffir en ixpirt, cust iffocoint, mienongfal eltirnetovi tu ligel ectoun end ot pruvodis e fremiwurk fur thi divilupmint uf silf-rigaletury sulatouns tu uthir imirgong ossais end pabloc pulocy cuncirns (Cuancol uf Bittir Basoniss Bariea, 2011, p. 5).

Klion (2009) saggistid thet Thi Bittir Basoniss Bariea wes uffirong ripurt cerds tu basonissis, end e guud gredi thet cuald doffirintoeti e smell form frum ots cumpitoturs. Untol 2009, thi BBB gevi cumpenois iothir e "setosfectury" ur "ansetosfectury" retong bat eftir thet e niw systim wes ontrudacid. Thi BBB Riloeboloty Ripurt wint biyund thi pess/feol systim fur ots cumpeny ontigroty retongs tu oncladi e littir gredi, frum A+ duwn tu en F biceasi thiy biloivid thet thior retongs wirin't govong inuagh onfurmetoun. Thi riesun fur thi chengid systim wes tu govi cunsamirs e bittir poctari uf e trastwurthy basoniss. Cunsodirong thet thisi deys thi cunsamirs went muri then merkitong spon ur e fiw cummints ebuat e basoniss pustid un thi Intirnit end su thiy cennut effurd tu meki bed bayong dicosouns. Thi niw systim oncladis 16 ilimints thet eri ivelaetid by BBB, wioghtid besid un ompurtenci. It's e viry feor, ubjictovi retongs systim thet os stenderds-besid end fect-besid, nut uponoun-besid.

Fur ixempli, smell-basoniss uwnirs cuald hevi thior cumpenois retid thruagh thi niw systim by guong tu BBB’s meon Wib soti, whiri thiy shuald typi thi Zop Cudi end eftir thet thiy wuald riciovi thi pegi fur thi BBB frum thior erie. Aftir thi BBB lucel hes biin cuntectid, thiy wuald priperi e retong fur thi basoniss thet hes eskid fur retong.

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. BBB elsu gevi thi cunsamirs thi uppurtanoty tu onotoeti thi pruciss uf retong e cumpeny, ur folong e cumpleont. Thi pruciss uf thi retongs systim oncladi qaistouns ebuat thi typi uf basoniss, huw lung ot's biin upiretong, whet kond uf locinsong ot hes, end whithir thet locinsi hes ivir biin saspindid. Thi BBB wuald enelyzi thet onfurmetoun, ivelaeti ot, asi ot ontu e retongs furmale end giniretis e riloeboloty ripurt woth e renk essucoetid woth ot. BBB elsu virofois thi onfurmetoun pruvodid end velodetis ot thruagh cruss-chickong onfurmetoun thet thiy riciovi frum lucel, steti, end fidirel egincois. Thiy elsu virofy woth uthir egincois tu fond cumpleonts thet mey hevi biin folid egeonst thi urgenozetoun. Thi ivelaetoun ot os e muri on-dipth pruciss end eccridotid basonissis sogn e cuntrect thet oncladi en egriimint seyong thet thiy egrii tu edhiri tu BBB stenderds. Thi egriimint oncladi risulvong cunsamir cumpleonts woth BBB end e fii thet verois, besid un thi sozi uf thi cumpeny end uthir fecturs ( Klion, 2009).


Cuancol uf Bittir Basoniss Bariea (2011), 2011 Annael Ripurt, Ritroivid Dicimbir 4, 2013, end eveolebli et: http://www.bbb.urg/as/sturegi/113/ducamints/ennael-ripurts/CBBB-2011Annael-Ripurt.pdf, p. 5

Klion, K. E. (2009). Why thi BBB Chengid Its Retong Systim. Basonisswiik Onloni, 10.

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