Essay on The Disparity Of The Digital Divide

Essay on The Disparity Of The Digital Divide

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Around the world approximately 429 million people are connected to the Internet. Forty-one percent of those 429 individuals reside in North America. While 429 million may seem like a large statistic, the number only accounts for 6 percent of the global population. Hence, numbers like 429 million reflect the digital divide; which is a gap between those that are able to sustain and comprehend technology use and those who are not able to. The disparity of the digital divide is the driving force behind underdeveloped nations, digital illiteracy, and an under-prepared workforce and must be bridged in order to allow the world to move forward on equal footing.
The global digital divide revolves around the notion that different nations have “international differences in information and communication technology (ICT) diffusion” (Chinn 20). Today, these differences in ICT diffusion have a greater concentration in the Global South, which includes South and Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. One reason attributed to the fluctuations in technology is economic development and national investment. “Countries with an initial advantage in the creation, organization, and dissemination of knowledge and information” (Guillén and Suárez) are seemingly able to prosper from technological progress. The preceding statement suggest that countries without initial access or means will continue to distant themselves from the realities needed to survive in the Information Age. For instance, preexisting foundations such as telephone lines exist in greater quantities in developed nations, so that these countries can expand Internet access more rapidly if they choose to do so. On the other hand, developing nations would not...

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... by allowing some to pursue a better life while the majority of the global population is left in the dust. In society, developed nations are able to use their finances to access the Internet quickly and exert freedom whereas developing nations are struggling to keep up with technological advances. The time has come for regulators and governments to bring Internet usage to all countries regardless of financial status because the gap is only leaving more people behind. If as a whole, society were to raise technological awareness and instill knowledge within its people, then society will be able to reach its people on a larger scale. While the Internet has an amount of potential between the rich and poor, the spread of knowledge and access will only go as far as society will let it. Now is the time to bridge the gap between developed and underdeveloped nations.

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