Disparity of Consumer’s Perception and Brands’ Sustainable Practices Essay

Disparity of Consumer’s Perception and Brands’ Sustainable Practices Essay

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Disparity of consumer’s perception and brands’ sustainable practices

Keywords: Sustainable practices, Brands, Consumer perception, Mind mapping

The recent 3 percent increase in sales of sustainable clothing suggests that consumers are highly concerned about sustainability and thus have altered their purchasing decisions toward greater sustainability (Goworek, Fisher, Cooper, Woodward & Hiller, 2012). In other words, sustainability has become a pivotal issue, as and companies are compelled to respond to it as a long term strategy both for the company companies and for society as a whole. An industry report by Finnerty, Stanley & Herther (2013) found that industry executives fundamentally believe that their organization’s sustainability commitment is a long term goal and that their commitment will only grow over time. Strategic social and environmental sustainability issues in the clothing industry can includes encouraging sustainable clothing consumption, better employee working conditions and wages, limited ause tion of pesticides, use, and disposal of used garments (Goworek et al., 2012).

However, companies are reluctant to share information about sustainable business practices due to consumer the misperception, on the part of consumers, ofmisperceptions that sustainable practices as a mere marketing ploy (“Market LOHA”, 2013). Consequently, lack of communication from brands regarding sustainable practices has resulted in consumers’ remaining unaware of the growing range of sustainable options across categories, thereby preventing consumers from purchasing sustainable products (Finnerty et al., 2013). In response to increased information about sustainable practices on the part of brands, young consumers become aware ...

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