Disorder and Early Sorrow Essay

Disorder and Early Sorrow Essay

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Thomas Mann, the author of “Disorder and Early Sorrow,” grew up in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century into the newly created Germany. Loathing school, Mann fails to graduate and must teach himself after realizing his mistake. Diligently, Mann prepares for a career in journalism by studying history, economics, and literature at a university. As the Great War arrives, his career stops abruptly but gets rekindled by his political short story “Reflections of an Unpolitical Man,” which purely focuses on the problem of being of German nationality after the war (Mann 1). After this sole political point of view, Mann chooses to focus on the social aspects of life; thus, he travels to a multitude of European countries.
Devastated, Thomas Mann leaves his father's grain firm, which is liquidated after his rather young father's death, and concentrates on his journalism career. This tragic event altered his life to a grave extent; however, without this tragedy he may never have become a writer. Deliberately, Mann expresses his views on society in his various short stories, which are affected by his youth and the cruel war. In order to gain insight on different cultures and the societies within, Mann travels to multiple countries around Europe. Thomas Mann, an apprised German author, elaborates his view on postwar society despite the early twentieth century's economic crisis in his short story “Disorder and Early Sorrow”.
Mann writes this story shortly after the first World War through the eyes of a German Professor. The story takes place in Munich, Germany in the year 1926 where the Professor and his family prepare themselves for a party in the late afternoon (Mann 2). The results of the Great War are present throughout the entir...

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