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Disobedience in Children Essay

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“How can you learn lessons in here? Why, there’s hardly room for you, and no room at all for any lesson-books!” (Carroll, 1993 p21). Piaget (1896–1980) came up with a theory called cognitive development, which occurs in four stages in every child's emotional development. The first two stages are from birth until the child reaches his or her seventh year of life where they will become aware of its environment by visual, touching and sound. During the third stage and fourth stage, the concrete and formal operations, the child will typically ask questions to understand the complexions of things surrounding the child and to satisfy their curiosity and exploring mind. Children at these stages usually step out of their comfort zones and try new things. They develop different perspectives. (Patient Teaching, Loose Leaf Library Springhouse Corporation, 1990) Here is where they are likely to display disobedience towards their parents or caregivers, usually people that are closest to them.
Many authors and movie directors have long used children characters and actors to portray these inevitable childhood developmental stages of emotional maturity, one of which is the disobedience stage. Sometimes the child's behavior in the story is obviously disobedient but sometimes you will have to analyze the book or movie to identify points of disobedience.
I believe that children commonly disobey the 'words of wisdom' or lectures that they have heard over and over from their parents or caregivers. While children know that these words are for safety, with the high curiosity level during the third and fourth stages, they would often try to do something different to see what would happen. When children do that, that's perceived as disobeying.
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...dience towards the people that are close to them. In Everything’s an Argument book, there is an article about the relationships between mothers and daughters. Tannen implied that daughters tend to display disobedience towards their mothers because daughters often feel that they live in a very different generation, and that their mothers are 'old fashioned.' That tend to occur when children reaches the fourth stage during their preteens where they, especially the girls, believe they know everything. In the article, it also showed that even though daughters might seem to dislike their mothers but at the same moment, they cannot live without their mother's comfort and their words of wisdom (Lunsford et al. 2007). That goes for most of kids out there with their parents, through thick and thin, the love that parents and children share is so complicated and so powerful.

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