Disney’s New Movie Frozen Essay examples

Disney’s New Movie Frozen Essay examples

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Disney’s new movie “Frozen” has caught the eyes of viewers and has surprised us all, reaching No. 1 in the box Office and have pass over $300 million of tickets sold, this movie has no sign of slowing down any time soon. “Frozen’ is one of the few recent Disney films to capture the classic Disney script, like “Cinderella” or “Snow White”, it’s a heart warming and loving story, guaranteed to thaw a frozen heart. Unlike the usual Disney princess story line where the girl has a poor life or things just don’t turn out like there suppose to, they wish upon a star, fall in love, then bibbidi-bobbdi-boo they have a happily ever after. Frozen strayed off from tradition and decided to go for more of a different approach. True love has always been a key concept for Disney films. Sleeping Beauty, true loves kiss broke the spell, Beauty and the Beast, true love broke the curse, Snow White, again true love broke the spell, its the same concept, but in Frozen instead added a twist and showed love between sisters Elsa and Anna. It adds a twist in tradition, so that a reason why older viewers and even critics can enjoy, its something new and different. The movie “Frozen” is based off of “The Snow Queen”, a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. The story is about an evil troll, also known as “the devil”, makes a mirror that when looked into distorts the beauty and good of people and things to the complete opposite, ugly and bad. One day the troll and his friends try to take the mirror to Heaven the make angels and God look like fools, but when they were almost there the mirror falls and shatters into little pieces almost dust. This “dust” travels around the world and gets into peoples eyes and into their hearts freezing them. Years later a girl n...

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...t matter. This movie got popular because it was new, it was different and it showed it through out the entire movie. It still had the key factor that all Disney movies have songs and a happy ending. In the usual Disney concept there is a princess or a poor girl that’s gets into a situation and ends up into the hands a prince and then they live happily ever after, but in this case Anna and Kristoff do end up being together but it the other way around, Anna is royalty and Kristoff is poor. Also the main ending wasn’t trying to tell the love story between Kristoff and Anna; it was the love and bonds that Anna and Elsa share as sisters. So this is a Disney movie it just that it different, there’s twist and differences from regular but that’s what makes it so unique, and that’s why it is so popular because its unique and different, something that we needed from Disney.

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