Essay on Disneyland : The Happiest Place On Earth

Essay on Disneyland : The Happiest Place On Earth

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Disneyland is known to be the happiest place on earth for many people. It is a place that brings many happy moments and experience for families and friends. Each year, many people buy the annual pass so that they can go multiple times and get the money worth of the pass. However, this year Disneyland made a move that caused many Disney fans to be sad and disappointed. Disneyland had decided to increase their admission for the theme parks. Their annual pass had raised up to 35% and reached up to the one thousand dollars mark. When the news spread throughout the Internet, many faithful Disney fans were upset and didn’t plan on buying the annual pass. Disneyland’s main reason to raise their admissions because of the attendance and the limited space. Over the years, Disneyland has gone over the capacity in attendance. In order to maintain strong demand, Disneyland believe that the best solution is to increase admission. In addition, increasing admission will allow to bring their profits to a higher level. Besides the increase in admission, Disneyland has eliminated their ‘premium‘ pass and included a ‘signature‘ pass and a ‘signature plus‘ pass. The ‘signature‘ pass allows Disney fans to has access to the park for 350 days a year but during holidays they are blocked out. On the other hand, the ‘signature plus‘ pass is the unlimited access to the park which cost over one thousand dollars. When companies make certain decisions, there will be people who will like it or people who will hate it. It is impossible for companies to make a decision that will satisfies everybody. Disney fans who dislike the idea of the raise of admissions argues that it is too expensive for them to afford it. Some stated that they will still renew but will not...

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... be disappointed because they will not be able to go anytime they want with the annual pass. In addition, only middle class and upper class will be able to afford it. I will recommend to lower the prices back down. As a result, Disney’s main goal is to spread the attendance throughout the year which Disneyland can have special events on those days that have little attendance. In addition, they can lower the price on those days which many people will be willing to go if the price goes down. I believe that the increase in admission will not lower the capacity and will not help spread the attendance throughout the year. In conclusion, I believe that there are many other different ways that Disneyland can try to lower the capacity and spread attendance throughout the year. The increase of admission may not lower the capacity and can lead to disappoint in their customers.

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