Disney World : Magic Kingdom Essay

Disney World : Magic Kingdom Essay

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Every day, Disney World is full of people looking for magic and fun to fulfill their day. There are many different types of entertainment, rides and characters when visiting the parks. When planning a trip to Disney World, visitors can choose from four different parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.
Magic Kingdom was one of the first parks created at Walt Disney World. Magic Kingdom is also considered to be the main park out of the four. Magic Kingdom has many entertainments, rides, and characters around the park. One of the most memorable area in the park is the Cinderella castle. Not only is it a beautiful architecture, but it is one of Magic Kingdoms bigger entertainments. Every night, fireworks go off above the castle, and on special events such as holidays, the castle is used as a light show where music is matched with the lights. Characters such as Tinker Bell and Prince Charming even do a show on the castle and will even climb it. Another famous entertainment is the musical performances that takes place at Magic Kingdom. There are always musical p...

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