Disney World Is An Educational Wonderland Essay

Disney World Is An Educational Wonderland Essay

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Disney World is an educational wonderland. Disney World was founded October 1, 1971 by Roy O. Disney and Walt Disney. It wasn’t even thought of until four years after the first park Disneyland was opened in Anaheim, California. Walt Disney productions began looking for land for a second park and eventually found the perfect spot. Disney World is an entertainment complex in Orlando, Florida with four distinctly themed amusement parks, two water parks, and over ten resorts. According to Disney’s millions of guest, it is the master of “edu-tainment,” a way of entertaining and educating guest at the same time. Disney has a large selection of ways to “edu-tain” its guest. Its history, science, and animal exhibits are just a few ways children will learn while having fun. A Disney vacation teaches children new information and reinforces what children are currently learning in school. Disney world has many educational opportunities at its three parks, Magic kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot.

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom was the first park to open in 1971 with many educational opportunities. Magic Kingdom is known for its Hall of Presidents. This show teaches kids about American History by highlighting every U.S. President from George Washington to current President Barack Obama. The show focuses on the role of slavery in America and tells about early debates from the Constitutional Convention to the Lincoln Douglas debates. Tom Sawyer Island is perfect for those studying Mark Twain’s Literature. The Carousel of Progress is an attraction that looks at the homes of four generations of the same family from the days before electricity to present day. It shows how times have changed due to inventions and innovations. Little things like the...

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...lions. Visiting these pavilions gives children context for geography lessons and provides an introduction to other cultures. Each country gives you the opportunity to try out their food and get a feel of its culture. Visiting Disney’s Epcot not only allows a look at American History, but introduces Canada, United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Italy, Germany, Japan, China, Norway, and Mexico.

All in all, never forget about the history opportunities at Magic Kingdom, the plants and animals at Animal Kingdom, and the science at Epcot. The experience one will gain when going to Disney’s three parks Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot is not only going to be the best vacation ever, but will make children smarter. When stuck thinking about a place to vacation with children, always go to Disney World. Don’t forget, it’s the place “where dreams come true” (Walt Disney).

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