Disney Target And Train Our Youngest Consumers Essay

Disney Target And Train Our Youngest Consumers Essay

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How do Disney target and train our youngest consumers? Disney is one of the companies that targets and trains young consumers. Disney are targeting both young boys and girls consumers because of there movies and shows they playing on there channel. Disney target children by using there channel on television to show kids about Disneyland. Disney trains young boys and girls at a young age about how to be sexists. Disney is targeting and training our young consumers because how they market there product and what they show and talk in there movies and shows like Cars and the princess movies for boys and girls. Young consumers are being used by Disney because be aren’t aware that Disney is brainwashing the young consumers to become sexist.

Disney are marketing to target young consumers by using their channel on television. Disney is marketing towards young children by showing Disneyland on there channel and they show young consumers how fun and cool it is at Disneyland. David Buckingham a professor at University of London said that “Disney is synonymous with the unacceptable face of US capitalism” (Buckingham, p.596). Disney is marketing to young consumers by using the princess movies like Snow White, Cinderella, and etc. to market to the young girls and for the boys movies like Cars, Toy Story, and etc. Disney is marketing there movie by gender roles because of the movie like Toy Story and Cinderella. Disney are targeting our youngest consumers by showing them there product on the channel on television. Disney is marketing to young consumers because of the fact that young children are more easy to “brainwash” them to want to go to Disney land or get there movies. Disney is targeting the children’s because the young consumers are m...

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...on 't really look into it you will think its normal.

Overall the only people that are getting effected is the young consumers and only the companies like Disney are benefiting form all for this. Disney is only benefiting form the young consumers and not even caring about the young consumers because they are make money form them. Disney movies and show tell young consumers that its okay to be sexist because of the show and movies that you play on there television channel. The only person that is losing are the young consumers. Companies like Disney don 't actually care about the young consumers. It easy for Disney and the other companies to target and train the youngest consumers then the older consumers because the older consumers are not easily fall for there product or marketing so that why Disney and the other companies target and train our youngest consumers.

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