Disney 's Role Model For Young Viewers Essay

Disney 's Role Model For Young Viewers Essay

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Walt Disney productions have created a line of popular film franchises starring a princess heroine, it is a common formula for Disney films to create a perfect role model for young viewers. Disney heroines are often portrayed young, pretty, virginal, sweet-natured, and obedient, viewers can relate to Disney films without knowing the messages it sends to the audience. The portrayal of heroines of Disney films, as Kathy Maio describes, "Disney heroines haven 't changed very much since Snow White: they are all happy housewives." Disney has a sad history of stereotypes (from gender to racial) and placing gender roles under every character . Every Disney film has sent a discreet message of stereotyping and gender role to the audience. For example, the film Beauty and the Beast, suggests women should stay in their gender role and the men should be masculine and attractive to have a pretty wife. The main character, Belle is seen as an odd girl simply because she is someone who enjoys the achievement of knowledge through reading when it is not in their gender role to read a book or "soon they 'll get ideas and start thinking" (film). The Beast (Prince Adam), needs a woman to take care of her (since women must teach men how to do simple tasks) so Belle takes care of Beast throughout the film and the two fall in love overtime. Beauty and the Beast teaches harmful stereotypes and suggests gender roles to the audience and should not be taught to the general audience. Gender roles in society today, there is pressure to become a certain ideal of beauty; many types of images, film, and media forms tell the audience who to and what to look like. Suggestions of gender roles are conspicuous in the film Beauty and the Beast. For example, Bel...

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.... In the end, Belle releases the curse upon the Beast by loving him back causing him to turn to a human again and everyone else in the castle. Like every other Disney film, the film always end with the heroine marrying the prince, ignoring the female 's interest of becoming an adventurer.

Walt Disney 's Beauty and the Beast presented many harmful gender roles and stereotypes in the film. The film has a strong female lead who tries to break out of the norm by reading and ignoring marriage proposals. Disney films have many stereotypes and they are often similar with every film, for example, the heroine is often placed in their gender role, men have to be masculine to love a pretty woman, and the endings always end with the prince and princess living happily ever after. Beauty and the Beast is just like every other Disney film with a small twist of "Disneyfication."

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