Essay on Disney Movies Out Of A Hat

Essay on Disney Movies Out Of A Hat

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For the purposes of this study, we generated a list of popularized Disney movies from Netflix® and from Google searches of the top Disney movies from the 1980s and 1990s. We then took the generated list and randomly chose five different Disney movies out of a hat. The movies selected were Beauty and the Beast (1991), Mulan (1998), Hercules (1997), Little Mermaid (1989), and Aladdin (1992). The four researchers were then all assigned a number and randomly paired with a movie to independently watch and code with the exception of the final movie, which was watched by each member of the group and coded for reliability.
This study was designed as an event based, structure observational study where researchers identified a set of four behaviors prior to the study that which theoretically two were stereotypically male and the remaining two were stereotypical female. In other words, prior to the study, researchers generated four behaviors that they believed represented stereotypical gender roles. The first behavior was giving orders and was defined as, a verbal command where the character is demanding a behavior of another character. Commanding phrase examples include a character stating “you do this” or “stop” or “leave my castle now.” The first behavior was hypothesized to be stereotypically male. The second behavior was also believed to be stereotypically male and was the aggressive behavior of characters. The second behavior was defined as a physical or verbal means to engage with another character with the intent to harm the other character. Examples of aggressive behaviors include, but are not limited to a character yelling, cursing, swings swords, throwing punches or kicking, grabbing one another, shooting, stabbing, ki...

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...e characters as well.
After totaling all of the male and female behaviors in the movies, each researcher checked their reliability with one other researcher to judge the accuracy of our observations of our operational definitions. Researchers watched Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and had recorded behaviors independently of each other in order to limit any sort of bias or assistance, and to allow researchers to see if the definitions were effective in observing the behaviors. Researchers found that our results were 80.4% reliable for behavior 1: giving orders, 93% for behavior two: aggressive behaviors, 100% for behavior 3: performing domestic duties, and 100% for behavior 4: primping. These percentages all exceed the necessary threshold of 80%, so we were comfortable at coding the rest of our movies based on the way our operational definitions were written.

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