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Disney in Kava

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Disney in Kava

The Walt Disney Pictures in partnership with Buena Vista pictures has become one of the largest providers of family entertainment around the world. With the merger of the two companies over twenty years ago Walt Disney Pictures has grown through the development of new movies and opening their horizon to new marketing age groups (Corporate Disney 2008). The Walt Disney Pictures focuses all of their energy and resources into providing excellent products, services and technology in a way that embraces the loyalty of its customers. Walt Disney pictures mission in Kava would be to create an economic environment that would be viable to the people. This can be done by providing them with the resources that would bring prosperity to the people who live in Kava. Walt Disney pictures would encourage a responsible growth in the economic environment while strengthen the social services of the community.
The precise plan of Walt Disney pictures would be to bring foreign investments that would help to improve the government and communities organizational processes. The reason this is important is because Kava needs to develop a successful business culture that will help them to overcome the tremulous times they have been faced with and allow them to thrive in the future. Kava can achieve this by stimulating the economy thru tourism in a way that would bring more foreign investors. By doing the proceeding Walt Disney Pictures will be able to encourage the ethical decision-making community.
The island of Kava is located in the South Pacific and the majority of people are under the age of 15 years old. This is a country that is in desperate need of many things because it has become an ethnic melting pot of indigenous South Pacific tribes, oriental, African, French, Spanish, and Americans. About 50% of the people from Kava are of indigenous religions, with the remaining half divided between Christian, Buddhist, and Islamic (University of Phoenix, 2008).
Kava’s economy is a wide mixture of products and services, with the main export of products being petroleum, natural gas, cocoa, coffee, spices, sugar, bananas, and fishing. The primary source of revenue in addition to their products is tourism. With this being their main source of revenue there are many potential natural disasters that can affect this revenue. Some of these potential threats are typhoons, floods, tidal waves, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions. There are also potential health threats like HIV, petroleum spills, terrorism, and avian flu that could harm this revenue as well.

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Kava’s workforce, social service, and revenue diversification have become their most significant problems. With this said Kava has become very dependent upon its youth and immigrants to fill positions that are in desperate need. Some of the immigrants are obtaining the jobs because they require skills that are not in their youths. Kava has a very motivated stream of revenue that has become very dependent upon exporting goods to other countries. When a natural disaster occurs this can motivate and drive the costs for the local population which in turns increases the economical risks. There are ways that the community of Kava can increase the economic success. One way is to have a diversity of revenue that will improve the economy without destroying the environment. The social services of Kava are evident that they have no capability to handle the effects of a natural disaster. This lack of knowledge on their part impairs the life span of Kava’s population.
With all these different factors and issues Kava has become a country that is heading down a path of destruction of economic and social disaster. This path of destruction can be avoided and changed if the people of Kava apply themselves to a positive growth. This is where the Walt Disney pictures can help the people of Kava. They can assist them in identifying their problems and assist them in correcting them while helping to increase the responsibility that is present in the country.
Walt Disney pictures have multiple roles to play in helping Kava. The company has the ability to be a model citizen in Kava and has the ability and drive to change the tourist industry in a positive way. The first proposed solution that the Walt Disney pictures can implement is to carry out an assortment of social activities that will establish themselves in Kava. Some of these activities will include but are not limited to create and repair new roads, supply the schools with much needed equipment, assist in providing a better drainage system for the Kava community, and offering education options to the Kava society.
Walt Disney pictures must embark on many new roles in the Kava community in relation to rebuilding the roads, and lives of the people. When rebuilding the lives of the people they will have to assist in providing the youth of Kava the education and training needed to fulfill all the new jobs. A basic educational need is very important for the overall majority of Kava citizens, but it is crucial for them to acquire additional training. This additional training in areas like construction, and emergency response is needed because of the high rate for potential natural disasters. By providing the community with this training Walt Disney pictures will be assisting the community in their rebuilding efforts. The Walt Disney pictures will help in providing connection between present organizations in Kava and potential organizations. By helping to provide this communication link it will assist the new organizations to improve Kava’s image. By improving their image Kava will be able to attract competent and experienced training providers to Walt Disney pictures.
Another solution to the predicament that is hindering Kava is to acquire the citizens to volunteer or provide services for a reasonable fee. By doing this they will have the ability to offer them a permanent position once Kava has recovered. Walt Disney pictures will be able to hopefully influence the government and the different community-based organizations and companies to offer financial assistance.
In conclusion, the Walt Disney pictures have many possible solutions available to them when it comes to dealing with the issues that are being faced in Kava. With the diversity of problems facing Kava like natural disasters, diverse cultures, juvenile population, and geographical positioning Walt Disney pictures will become a key player in their rebuilding of the community. When rebuilding the community there are positive reinforcements already in place that will assist in providing the support needed. In order for the Walt Disney pictures to be an influencing factor in this country they will need to provide practical training along with education to the juvenile population that is on the island.

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